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You can choose a complete day from the Alternate Menus to substitute for any equivalent day in the standard menus on your second time around (Week 3) on the Rotation Diet. Just make sure you are at the appropriate calorie level. I include several days at each level of the Rotation Diet, from 600 to 1800 calories, among the Alternate Menus.

If you do not feel like sticking with any full day in its entirety, you can mix and match your own meals. Choose a standard breakfast at each level, if you like, and repeat it for several days if that will make your food choice easier. (If you choose a fortified cereal for breakfast, such as 40% Bran Flakes or Raisin Bran, you will help ensure that the nutritional value of your diet closely approximates the RDA's, even at 600 calories per day.)

For lunch and dinner, however, be sure to include a wide variety of different foods both during your twenty-one days on the Rotation Diet and in maintenance.

If you design your own menus at any time during the Rotation Diet, remember the formula:

Women - For Weeks 1 and 3:

600 calories for three days

900 calories for four days

For Week 2:

1200 calories for one week

Men - For Weeks 1 and 3:

1200 calories for three days

1500 calories for four days

For Week 2:

1800 calories for one week