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Diets and Different Types of Diets

Learn more about diets and dieting by reading the articles below.

  • Healthy Diet
    There are many plans for eating a more healthy diet. There are some principles that should apply to any one of them.

  • The Best Diet Is No Diet At All
    When you're on a diet, you screen out a lot of the smell, taste and enjoyment of food. You focus on how much fat is in the food instead of focusing on the taste.

  • Exploring the World of Diets
    Diets are now as common as a hot dog on a Fourth of July afternoon. However, it can be confusing for consumers to identify different types of diets.

  • The Mediterranean Diet
    The popularity of the Mediterranean Diet began with a rather simple equation: the people of Greece and Southern Italy tended to eat a diet rich in fat, yet had less cardiovascular disease than people in the U.S. How could this be?